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In the collective imagination, when we talk about the history of Volterra, the first job that comes to mind is that of the alabaster craftsman. It is undeniable that the city’s history has always been closely linked to the processing of alabaster! Our territory has about twenty historic workshops, stores that have been open for at least 75 years and are characteristic of the entire area.

The municipality allows citizens and visitors to take tours to get to know the city from a historical side that is perhaps underestimated. It is not only works of art or the landscape that define the identity of a place, but also the history of those who lived there and contributed to its development.

The tour of the various historic workshops is an interesting experience, both for those visiting the city for the first time and for those who live there and experience it in their daily lives. Historical details, the development of techniques, and many interesting curiosities are explained in detail by those who practice these crafts every day. Visiting the workshops is an activity that can be done independently at any time of the year: you just need to know where to go!

Bottega n.1

Discover the workshops,
the most beautiful
according to us.

Bottega n.2

The splendor of white,
the stone of light.

Bottega n.3

The tradition of craftsmanship,
the habits between
the past and the present.

Bottega n. 4

Discover, look, touch!
Bring our best
memories with you.

Bottega n.5

Quality products,
international luxury,
made in Italy!

Do you want to know the names and GPS coordinates of these workshops? Of these and many others… If you rely on us, we at B&B Incanto sul Poggio will solve at least the trouble of selecting the best points of interest for you, I assure you that it can sometimes be a very tiring search. As a local, I offer you a small, essential but complete itinerary.

Stay in one of our apartments, and I will reveal the most interesting and suggestive workshops. They are excellent for experiencing this craft firsthand and for taking captivating souvenir photos. But that’s not all. For single individuals and small groups, by appointment and on request, it is possible to try various sculpture techniques under the guidance of the best master craftsmen. Wouldn’t you like to try working with alabaster? Living the experience of our agriturismo in the spring and autumn period will allow you to do this and much more.

For example, we could organize a special, very intimate and particular visit for you. Alabaster is the so-called stone of light and is wonderful; suitable for being handled and understood by both adults and children.

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