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There is a beautiful riding stable nearby that we have an agreement with! Whether you are beginners, novices or experts, qualified instructors will guide you in discovering the true heart of Tuscany. In fact, one of the best ways to get to know Tuscany is to walk it path by path.

The suggestive landscape around us really has many surprises in store. Thanks to our strategic location, the B&B In Canto sul Poggio is the ideal starting point for a healthy horseback ride. Horseback riding is one of the most requested activities in non-competitive equestrian sports. Within everyone’s reach and always with the necessary safety parameters, it offers the possibility to enjoy nature in an exclusive way and in the company of a noble friend like the horse.

It is an experience that should be done at least once in a lifetime. Being immersed in nature is already a beautiful feeling for the spectacle it constantly offers us, but experiencing these sensations on horseback is something wonderful. You feel that the horse itself is part of this nature.

You can create a natural symbiosis with him, you can even breathe with his same breath and look with his same gaze. On horseback, you quickly forget the stress of everyday life and make room for relationships, beauty, peace, and everything that nature can transmit.

A horseback ride can offer emotions that you don’t expect and introduce you to a fantastic world, like that of equestrian tourism.

5 min - 2,7 km

First experience

For those who have never had contact with horses, we will carry out an introductory stage inside the Samarcanda Equestrian Center. After basic instructions, we can take a short route around the riding stable with the presence of the instructor.

6 min - 3,1 km


We consider beginners those who have had limited experience with horses. Specific lessons are organized for beginners who want to learn particular techniques or simple walks in the countryside with the presence of the instructor.

7 min - 3,3 km


With at least twenty hours in the saddle and a good mastery of even traditional techniques, the routes of the walks become longer and more fun. We will explore the surrounding areas of the Center, with flat and hilly rings with and without the presence of the instructor.

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